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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 12:24 AM

Annyeonghaseyo *bows*


     I, was, again, stalking my best friend when suddenly I saw this post she tagged me. And I decided, although she tagged me like, a century ago, would do this tag thing :)

1.Who is the first kpop singer you know?

Hmm. Kim Bom Su. He sang Bogoshipda. But If you're talking about when I started to like KPop, it's B2ST.

2.What is the first kpop song you've heard?

I don't know. It's been a loooooooong time. But If you are talking about when I started to like KPop, it's Hot Issue by 4Minute.

3.Who's your current bias?

Choi Siwon (SUJU), Suho (EXO-K), Kris (EXO-M), and Nichkhun (2PM)

4.Am I a nice person to be friend with? ;3

Who? You? Nuguseyo? Hahaha jk jk yeah ofcourse!

5.Give a cute photo of your bias(male) and (female)

For cute, I'll give Suho's photo hahahaha 

and for female... hmmmm

6.One sexy photo of your namja bias ;3

7.Will you marry Luhan? ;3

I would, but I won't :D

8.Give a video that makes you fall for your bias (male).

9.Would you love me back ;) ?

As a friend, Heck yeah I would!

10.Introduce yourself in Korean :)

Annyeonghaseyo, nae ireumeun Arissa ibnida :)

My questions are :-
1. What's the most gross thing you have ever eaten?
2. 5 places you would go before you die?
3. Three hottest guys alive
4. Best movie you ever watched?
5. Funniest thing that's ever happened to you?
6. Do you have a Myspace back then?
7. What musical instrument do you play, or would like to play?
8. Have any pets?
9. Your favourite places to shop?
10. Care to visit my other blogs? hihihi

Okay thanks and I am tagging fatsofariqq and nur nadziephah for answering this q&a. annyeonggg

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