How To Be A Superhero!!
Thursday, December 1, 2011 @ 6:36 PM

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I wish I could have Superpowers so I could soar high in the sky, helping people all around the world :')

       Being a superhero isn't tough, and you don't actually need superpowers to be one!

First things first. You gotta have Superpowers or you gotta have Brains. If you don't have none, then Byebye.*evillaugh*

Second, have a superhero costume. You guys could wear something like this 
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or maybe just like this
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but this won't really hide your identity, it would NOT hide your identity. So it won't be secret enough. #buatmaluje

Okay Third, you gotta have a sidekick. Like Batman and Robin, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy. 
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isn't that cute? Batman and Robin. So if you wanna be CUTE superheroes, you gotta have a sidekick or you'll be 

forever alone, funny, haha

Okayy. What about your superpowers? Having superpowers is a MUST for being a superhero. Superman flies, super-strength. He has the most powers between all the heroes. The superhero with the LEAST superpowers is Batman. What can HE do? He just has very cool gadgets. #berlagak

If you don't have superpowers like Batman, you gotta have brains. Invent a jetpack, or an angry bird robot bla bla etc. 

If you have all those of the above, then CONGRATULATIONS! You are becoming Malaysia's Next Top Superhero :)